Delaware DE, Selbyville Weekly Weather Forecast

Selbyville Weekly Weather Forecast

Mon 4/19Occasional rain and drizzleOccasional rain and drizzleprecipitation 8557°F45°F
Tue 4/20Sun mixing with cloudsSun mixing with cloudsprecipitation 170°F55°F
Wed 4/21An afternoon thunderstormAn afternoon thunderstormprecipitation 6070°F37°F
Thu 4/22Sunshine, windy and coolerSunshine, windy and coolerprecipitation 555°F45°F
Fri 4/23Milder with plenty of sunMilder with plenty of sunprecipitation 564°F46°F
Sat 4/24Sun followed by cloudsSun followed by cloudsprecipitation 2566°F54°F

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