Delaware DE, Brookside Weekly Forecast

Brookside Weekly Forecast

Alert Snow and ice today will total 5-10 cm; roads and sidewalks will be slippery...

2/21 Early AMOccasional rain and drizzleOccasional rain and drizzleNiederschlag 55
2/21 TodaySome sun returning; milderSome sun returning; milderNiederschlag 111°
2/22 FriMostly sunnyMostly sunnyNiederschlag 1
2/23 SatPeriods of rainPeriods of rainNiederschlag 67
2/24 SunRain; windy in the afternoonRain; windy in the afternoonNiederschlag 6817°
2/25 MonPlenty of sun; breezyPlenty of sun; breezyNiederschlag 4-5°

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