Texas TX, Odessa Weather 15 Day

Odessa Weather 15 Day

Thu 10/29Windy this morning; sunnyWindy this morning; sunnyprecipitation 018°
Fri 10/30SunnySunnyprecipitation 121°
Sat 10/31Sunny and pleasantSunny and pleasantprecipitation 025°
Sun 11/1Sunny and not as warmSunny and not as warmprecipitation 119°
Mon 11/2Abundant sunshineAbundant sunshineprecipitation 019°
Tue 11/3Partly sunny and pleasantPartly sunny and pleasantprecipitation 123°
Wed 11/4Partly sunny and nicePartly sunny and niceprecipitation 626°11°
Thu 11/5Mostly sunny and pleasantMostly sunny and pleasantprecipitation 226°10°
Fri 11/6Sun and areas of high cloudsSun and areas of high cloudsprecipitation 924°12°
Sat 11/7Clouds and breaks of sunClouds and breaks of sunprecipitation 2525°11°
Sun 11/8A couple of showers possibleA couple of showers possibleprecipitation 3024°10°
Mon 11/9SunnySunnyprecipitation 922°
Tue 11/10Plenty of sunPlenty of sunprecipitation 018°
Wed 11/11Plenty of sunPlenty of sunprecipitation 017°

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