Florida FL, DeLand Weather 15 Day

DeLand Weather 15 Day

Alert Thunderstorms, some strong, Monday evening through Tuesday evening...

Fri 4/16A t-storm late this afternoonA t-storm late this afternoonprecipitation 4779°F66°F
Sat 4/17A p.m. t-storm in spotsA p.m. t-storm in spotsprecipitation 4382°F70°F
Sun 4/18Cloudy, a shower and t-stormCloudy, a shower and t-stormprecipitation 6081°F68°F
Mon 4/19Some rain and a thunderstormSome rain and a thunderstormprecipitation 6273°F64°F
Tue 4/20Cloudy with thunderstormsCloudy with thunderstormsprecipitation 6573°F64°F
Wed 4/21Some sun, a t-storm possibleSome sun, a t-storm possibleprecipitation 3082°F52°F
Thu 4/22Partly sunny and beautifulPartly sunny and beautifulprecipitation 573°F59°F
Fri 4/23A thunderstorm possibleA thunderstorm possibleprecipitation 3079°F63°F
Sat 4/24Clouds and sunClouds and sunprecipitation 2581°F68°F
Sun 4/25A thunderstorm possibleA thunderstorm possibleprecipitation 3081°F63°F
Mon 4/26Plenty of sunshinePlenty of sunshineprecipitation 079°F61°F
Tue 4/27Plenty of sunshinePlenty of sunshineprecipitation 081°F59°F
Wed 4/28Plenty of sunshinePlenty of sunshineprecipitation 481°F61°F
Thu 4/29Clouds limiting sunshineClouds limiting sunshineprecipitation 2581°F61°F

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