South Dakota SD, Agar Weather 10 Day

Agar Weather 10 Day

Alert Icy conditions late tomorrow night...

Tue 10/20Mostly cloudyMostly cloudyprecipitation 55-3°
Wed 10/21Morning snow, 1-2 cm; cloudyMorning snow, 1-2 cm; cloudyprecipitation 54
Thu 10/22Cloudy, snow, 1-3 cm; coldCloudy, snow, 1-3 cm; coldprecipitation 67-7°
Fri 10/23Partly sunny and coldPartly sunny and coldprecipitation 7-1°-9°
Sat 10/24Cloudy and cold; p.m. snowCloudy and cold; p.m. snowprecipitation 66-4°-7°
Sun 10/25Cold with clearingCold with clearingprecipitation 49-4°-17°
Mon 10/26Mostly sunny and coldMostly sunny and coldprecipitation 10-9°-18°
Tue 10/27Cloudy and coldCloudy and coldprecipitation 25-2°-10°
Wed 10/28Partly sunny and coldPartly sunny and coldprecipitation 1-3°-8°

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