Nevada NV, Austin Weather 10 Day

Austin Weather 10 Day

Alert 12-20 cm of snow Friday night...

Tue 1/19Breezy in the morning; sunnyBreezy in the morning; sunnyprecipitation 4036°F50°F
Wed 1/20Partly sunny and not as coldPartly sunny and not as coldprecipitation 043°F43°F
Thu 1/21Sun and some cloudsSun and some cloudsprecipitation 146°F39°F
Fri 1/22Mainly cloudy, a snow showerMainly cloudy, a snow showerprecipitation 7139°F43°F
Sat 1/23Mostly cloudy and colderMostly cloudy and colderprecipitation 2532°F52°F
Sun 1/24Turning cloudy and chillyTurning cloudy and chillyprecipitation 1332°F45°F
Mon 1/25A snow shower possibleA snow shower possibleprecipitation 3032°F54°F
Tue 1/26Snow showers possibleSnow showers possibleprecipitation 3036°F48°F
Wed 1/27Partly sunnyPartly sunnyprecipitation 039°F43°F

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