Nebraska NE, Ainsworth Weather 10 Day

Ainsworth Weather 10 Day

Alert Expect showers Thursday; watch for a rapid freezeup...

Tue 10/20Windy with clearingWindy with clearingprecipitation 4714°
Wed 10/21Winds gradually subsidingWinds gradually subsidingprecipitation 912°
Thu 10/22Cloudy, a shower; windyCloudy, a shower; windyprecipitation 49-6°
Fri 10/23Rather cloudy and coldRather cloudy and coldprecipitation 6-8°
Sat 10/24Cloudy, p.m. snow showersCloudy, p.m. snow showersprecipitation 68-6°
Sun 10/25A little morning snowA little morning snowprecipitation 75-4°-12°
Mon 10/26Partly sunny and coldPartly sunny and coldprecipitation 13-5°-12°
Tue 10/27Cold with clouds and sunshineCold with clouds and sunshineprecipitation 24-6°
Wed 10/28Partly sunny and coldPartly sunny and coldprecipitation 2-2°

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