North Dakota ND, Alamo Weather 10 Day

Alamo Weather 10 Day

Mon 4/19Some sun, then clouds; coldSome sun, then clouds; coldprecipitation 2537°F41°F
Tue 4/20A snow shower in the morningA snow shower in the morningprecipitation 5536°F41°F
Wed 4/21Warmer with plenty of sunWarmer with plenty of sunprecipitation 152°F32°F
Thu 4/22Partly sunny and milderPartly sunny and milderprecipitation 1061°F36°F
Fri 4/23Colder; cloudy, then some sunColder; cloudy, then some sunprecipitation 1837°F41°F
Sat 4/24Chilly with clouds and sunChilly with clouds and sunprecipitation 1345°F34°F
Sun 4/25CloudyCloudyprecipitation 2452°F34°F
Mon 4/26Chilly with some brighteningChilly with some brighteningprecipitation 1546°F37°F
Tue 4/27A couple of showers possibleA couple of showers possibleprecipitation 3055°F32°F

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