Minnesota MN, Alexandria Weather 10 Day

Alexandria Weather 10 Day

Alert Periods of snow for at least 120 min...

Tue 10/20Cold with 6-12 cm of snowCold with 6-12 cm of snowprecipitation 90-4°
Wed 10/21Low clouds may break; coldLow clouds may break; coldprecipitation 25-3°
Thu 10/22An icy mix, 1-2 cmAn icy mix, 1-2 cmprecipitation 78-5°
Fri 10/23Mainly cloudy and coldMainly cloudy and coldprecipitation 11-1°-12°
Sat 10/24Cloudy and coldCloudy and coldprecipitation 9-3°-7°
Sun 10/25A little morning snow; cloudyA little morning snow; cloudyprecipitation 51-4°-11°
Mon 10/26Cold with some sunCold with some sunprecipitation 10-6°-12°
Tue 10/27Mostly cloudy and coldMostly cloudy and coldprecipitation 25-5°-8°
Wed 10/28Areas of low clouds and coldAreas of low clouds and coldprecipitation 4-2°-7°

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