Indiana IN, Auburn Weather 10 Day

Auburn Weather 10 Day

Alert Rain tonight...

Tue 10/20Some sun, then turning cloudySome sun, then turning cloudyprecipitation 2512°
Wed 10/21Low cloudsLow cloudsprecipitation 2516°10°
Thu 10/22Partly sunny and warmerPartly sunny and warmerprecipitation 2523°16°
Fri 10/23An afternoon thunderstormAn afternoon thunderstormprecipitation 5223°
Sat 10/24Cloudy and coolerCloudy and coolerprecipitation 2511°
Sun 10/25Cloudy, a few showers; coolCloudy, a few showers; coolprecipitation 7610°
Mon 10/26Cloudy, rain possible; chillyCloudy, rain possible; chillyprecipitation 35
Tue 10/27CloudyCloudyprecipitation 2512°
Wed 10/28CloudyCloudyprecipitation 2511°

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