Hawaii HI, Ahuimanu Weather 10 Day

Ahuimanu Weather 10 Day

Alert Expect showery weather late Saturday night through Tuesday morning...

Sun 1/24A shower; breezy this morningA shower; breezy this morningprecipitation 5779°F73°F
Mon 1/25Cloudy, showers; breezyCloudy, showers; breezyprecipitation 8879°F73°F
Tue 1/26Showers in the morningShowers in the morningprecipitation 6579°F72°F
Wed 1/27Windy with a little rainWindy with a little rainprecipitation 5779°F72°F
Thu 1/28Strong winds subsidingStrong winds subsidingprecipitation 6479°F72°F
Fri 1/29Partly sunny, showers; windyPartly sunny, showers; windyprecipitation 6179°F72°F
Sat 1/30Partly sunny with showersPartly sunny with showersprecipitation 5979°F70°F
Sun 1/31Partly sunny with showersPartly sunny with showersprecipitation 6479°F72°F
Mon 2/1Mostly sunny with a showerMostly sunny with a showerprecipitation 4079°F70°F

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