Delaware DE, Pike Creek Valley Weekly Weather Forecast

Pike Creek Valley Weekly Weather Forecast

Alert Tropical Rainstorm Zeta will affect the area tomorrow morning to late tomorrow night...

Thu 10/29Tropical Rainstorm ZetaTropical Rainstorm Zetaprecipitation 8113°
Fri 10/30A little morning rain; cloudyA little morning rain; cloudyprecipitation 57-2°
Sat 10/31Sunny, but chillySunny, but chillyprecipitation 010°
Sun 11/1A shower in the afternoonA shower in the afternoonprecipitation 5515°
Mon 11/2Mostly sunny; winds subsidingMostly sunny; winds subsidingprecipitation 25-1°
Tue 11/3Mostly sunny and coldMostly sunny and coldprecipitation 6

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