Delaware DE, Milford Weekly Weather Forecast

Milford Weekly Weather Forecast

Alert Watch for a severe thunderstorm early this afternoon; storms can bring damaging winds...

Thu 4/22Breezy; an a.m. shower or twoBreezy; an a.m. shower or twoprecipitation 5254°F39°F
Fri 4/23Sunny, breezy and warmerSunny, breezy and warmerprecipitation 063°F43°F
Sat 4/24Clouding up; warmerClouding up; warmerprecipitation 1772°F54°F
Sun 4/25Some rain and a thunderstormSome rain and a thunderstormprecipitation 5566°F46°F
Mon 4/26SunnySunnyprecipitation 464°F45°F
Tue 4/27Sunshine, pleasant and warmerSunshine, pleasant and warmerprecipitation 277°F54°F

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