Delaware DE, Delmar Weekly Forecast

Delmar Weekly Forecast

Alert Thunderstorms, some heavy, this morning through this evening...

8/25 TodayMostly cloudy, a stray showerMostly cloudy, a stray showerprecipitation 5725°18°
8/26 MonMainly cloudy, a stray showerMainly cloudy, a stray showerprecipitation 4025°19°
8/27 TueRather cloudy; humidRather cloudy; humidprecipitation 2527°20°
8/28 WedPeriods of sun; humidPeriods of sun; humidprecipitation 2530°20°
8/29 ThuTimes of clouds and sunTimes of clouds and sunprecipitation 2529°17°
8/30 FriMostly sunny; pleasantMostly sunny; pleasantprecipitation 1030°18°

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