Delaware DE, Claymont Weekly Weather Forecast

Claymont Weekly Weather Forecast

Fri 6/25Pleasant with periods of sunPleasant with periods of sunprecipitation 282°F70°F
Sat 6/26Partly sunny, warm and humidPartly sunny, warm and humidprecipitation 2586°F72°F
Sun 6/27Periods of sun; hot and humidPeriods of sun; hot and humidprecipitation 1390°F72°F
Mon 6/28Mostly sunny, hot and humidMostly sunny, hot and humidprecipitation 1491°F72°F
Tue 6/29Mostly sunny; very hot, humidMostly sunny; very hot, humidprecipitation 2293°F72°F
Wed 6/30Periods of sun, hot and humidPeriods of sun, hot and humidprecipitation 1993°F73°F

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