Delaware DE, Bridgeville Weekly Forecast

Bridgeville Weekly Forecast

Alert Rain, some heavy, to affect the area from late tonight into tomorrow morning...

1/24 Early AMRain and drizzleRain and drizzleNiederschlag 5513°
1/24 TodayRain, some heavy; breezyRain, some heavy; breezyNiederschlag 8217°-3°
1/25 FriSun and some clouds; coolerSun and some clouds; coolerNiederschlag 8-8°
1/26 SatPartial sunshinePartial sunshineNiederschlag 16-3°
1/27 SunPeriods of sunPeriods of sunNiederschlag 13-2°
1/28 MonPartly sunnyPartly sunnyNiederschlag 11

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