Delaware DE, Albertson Weekly Forecast

Albertson Weekly Forecast

Alert Noticeably cooler Tuesday...

5/26 TodayA strong afternoon t-stormA strong afternoon t-stormprecipitation 5231°20°
5/27 MonPartly sunny; less humidPartly sunny; less humidprecipitation 2528°18°
5/28 TueMostly cloudy, a thunderstormMostly cloudy, a thunderstormprecipitation 5626°19°
5/29 WedMostly sunny; warmerMostly sunny; warmerprecipitation 1130°21°
5/30 ThuChance of a p.m. t-stormChance of a p.m. t-stormprecipitation 3032°21°
5/31 FriPartly sunnyPartly sunnyprecipitation 1528°18°

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