Delaware DE, Albertson Weekly Forecast

Albertson Weekly Forecast

Alert Thunderstorms, some severe, tomorrow afternoon through tomorrow evening; storms can bring downpours, large hail and damaging winds...

7/17 TonightA couple of heavy t-stormsA couple of heavy t-stormsprecipitation 6524°
7/18 ThuVariable clouds, a t-stormVariable clouds, a t-stormprecipitation 5631°24°
7/19 FriMostly sunny; very hot, humidMostly sunny; very hot, humidprecipitation 035°26°
7/20 SatVery hotVery hotprecipitation 237°27°
7/21 SunVery hotVery hotprecipitation 4036°25°
7/22 MonMostly cloudy, a thunderstormMostly cloudy, a thunderstormprecipitation 5232°21°

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