Delaware DE, Adams Crossroads 7 Day Forecast

Adams Crossroads 7 Day Forecast

Alert A thundershower late this afternoon...

5/25 Early AMMainly clearMainly clearprecipitation 316°
5/25 TodaySun and some cloudsSun and some cloudsprecipitation 825°20°
5/26 SunPartly sunny; more humidPartly sunny; more humidprecipitation 2533°20°
5/27 MonA shower or t-storm in spotsA shower or t-storm in spotsprecipitation 4028°17°
5/28 TueClouds and sun, a t-stormClouds and sun, a t-stormprecipitation 5530°22°
5/29 WedMostly sunny; summerlikeMostly sunny; summerlikeprecipitation 735°22°

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