District of Columbia DC, Congress Heights Weekly Weather Forecast

Congress Heights Weekly Weather Forecast

Alert Expect rainy weather late tomorrow evening through early Thursday afternoon...

Tue 11/24Turning out cloudyTurning out cloudyprecipitation 052°F41°F
Wed 11/25Some sun, then cloudsSome sun, then cloudsprecipitation 459°F54°F
Thu 11/26Mostly cloudy, a little rainMostly cloudy, a little rainprecipitation 6166°F50°F
Fri 11/27Mild with clouds and sunMild with clouds and sunprecipitation 663°F48°F
Sat 11/28Pleasant with clouds and sunPleasant with clouds and sunprecipitation 2561°F43°F
Sun 11/29Turning cloudyTurning cloudyprecipitation 1255°F46°F

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