Arizona AZ, Flagstaff Weekly Weather Forecast

Flagstaff Weekly Weather Forecast

Alert A thundershower Tuesday...

Sat 5/15Breezy with plenty of sunBreezy with plenty of sunprecipitation 070°F36°F
Sun 5/16Sunny and breezySunny and breezyprecipitation 064°F32°F
Mon 5/17A shower in the afternoonA shower in the afternoonprecipitation 5859°F36°F
Tue 5/18Mostly sunny with a t-showerMostly sunny with a t-showerprecipitation 5070°F41°F
Wed 5/19A shower in the p.m.; breezyA shower in the p.m.; breezyprecipitation 5568°F39°F
Thu 5/20Strong winds subsidingStrong winds subsidingprecipitation 5664°F34°F

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