Delaware DE, Red Lion Monthly Weather Forecast

Red Lion Monthly Weather Forecast

Alert Rain, some heavy, to affect the area from Tuesday evening into late Wednesday night...

Mon 9/28Humid with clouds and sunHumid with clouds and sunprecipitation 5027°19°
Tue 9/29Mostly cloudy with a t-stormMostly cloudy with a t-stormprecipitation 5125°15°
Wed 9/30Not as warm; a morning showerNot as warm; a morning showerprecipitation 5421°11°
Thu 10/1Turning sunny and pleasantTurning sunny and pleasantprecipitation 1321°12°
Fri 10/2A little morning rainA little morning rainprecipitation 5917°
Sat 10/3Plenty of sunshinePlenty of sunshineprecipitation 1319°
Sun 10/4Times of clouds and sunTimes of clouds and sunprecipitation 2321°11°
Mon 10/5Turning cloudyTurning cloudyprecipitation 2519°10°
Tue 10/6Plenty of sunPlenty of sunprecipitation 020°11°
Wed 10/7Rather cloudy, rain possibleRather cloudy, rain possibleprecipitation 3521°12°
Thu 10/8Plenty of sunshinePlenty of sunshineprecipitation 121°10°
Fri 10/9Plenty of sunshinePlenty of sunshineprecipitation 018°
Sat 10/10SunshineSunshineprecipitation 119°
Sun 10/11Mostly sunnyMostly sunnyprecipitation 121°10°
Mon 10/12SunnySunnyprecipitation 419°
Tue 10/13Plenty of sunshinePlenty of sunshineprecipitation 421°10°
Wed 10/14Plenty of sunPlenty of sunprecipitation 421°10°
Thu 10/15Plenty of sunPlenty of sunprecipitation 1821°10°
Fri 10/16Plenty of sunPlenty of sunprecipitation 1821°11°
Sat 10/17Plenty of sunshinePlenty of sunshineprecipitation 421°11°
Sun 10/18Mostly sunnyMostly sunnyprecipitation 1821°10°
Mon 10/19Mostly sunnyMostly sunnyprecipitation 1821°11°
Tue 10/20Plenty of sunshinePlenty of sunshineprecipitation 421°11°
Wed 10/21SunshineSunshineprecipitation 921°10°
Thu 10/22Sunshine and patchy cloudsSunshine and patchy cloudsprecipitation 1821°12°
Fri 10/23Plenty of sunshinePlenty of sunshineprecipitation 1821°10°
Sat 10/24Mostly sunnyMostly sunnyprecipitation 1814°
Sun 10/25Mostly sunnyMostly sunnyprecipitation 014°
Mon 10/26Partly sunnyPartly sunnyprecipitation 614°

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