Delaware DE, North Star Weather 7 Day

North Star Weather 7 Day

Alert Thunderstorms tonight...

Sun 6/13Some sun, then turning cloudySome sun, then turning cloudyprecipitation 2579°F64°F
Mon 6/14A couple of morning showersA couple of morning showersprecipitation 6079°F64°F
Tue 6/15A morning shower; some sunA morning shower; some sunprecipitation 5077°F61°F
Wed 6/16Mostly sunny and delightfulMostly sunny and delightfulprecipitation 775°F55°F
Thu 6/17Mostly sunny and pleasantMostly sunny and pleasantprecipitation 475°F55°F
Fri 6/18Mostly sunnyMostly sunnyprecipitation 981°F70°F

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