Delaware DE, Arden Weather 7 Day

Arden Weather 7 Day

Fri 1/15Mainly cloudy and mildMainly cloudy and mildprecipitation 2550°F41°F
Sat 1/16Periods of sunPeriods of sunprecipitation 948°F34°F
Sun 1/17Breezy with clouds and sunBreezy with clouds and sunprecipitation 446°F34°F
Mon 1/18Breezy with spotty showersBreezy with spotty showersprecipitation 5943°F36°F
Tue 1/19Times of clouds and sunTimes of clouds and sunprecipitation 741°F34°F
Wed 1/20Mostly sunny; winds subsidingMostly sunny; winds subsidingprecipitation 439°F37°F

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