Pennsylvania PA, Horsham Weather 30 Day

Horsham Weather 30 Day

Sat 5/15A stray afternoon showerA stray afternoon showerprecipitation 4775°F48°F
Sun 5/16A passing afternoon showerA passing afternoon showerprecipitation 5673°F50°F
Mon 5/17Some sun, then cloudsSome sun, then cloudsprecipitation 572°F48°F
Tue 5/18Mostly sunny and delightfulMostly sunny and delightfulprecipitation 079°F54°F
Wed 5/19Mostly sunny and very warmMostly sunny and very warmprecipitation 384°F59°F
Thu 5/20Partly sunny and pleasantPartly sunny and pleasantprecipitation 1381°F61°F
Fri 5/21Very warm with sun and cloudsVery warm with sun and cloudsprecipitation 1388°F64°F
Sat 5/22Episodes of sunshineEpisodes of sunshineprecipitation 2582°F63°F
Sun 5/23A p.m. t-storm possibleA p.m. t-storm possibleprecipitation 3079°F59°F
Mon 5/24Thunderstorms possibleThunderstorms possibleprecipitation 3577°F57°F
Tue 5/25Mostly cloudyMostly cloudyprecipitation 2579°F59°F
Wed 5/26CloudyCloudyprecipitation 2579°F57°F
Thu 5/27RainRainprecipitation 9075°F59°F
Fri 5/28Cloudy with a shower possibleCloudy with a shower possibleprecipitation 3077°F59°F
Sat 5/29Sun, then cloudsSun, then cloudsprecipitation 2573°F59°F
Sun 5/30Mostly sunnyMostly sunnyprecipitation 1079°F61°F
Mon 5/31Increasing cloudinessIncreasing cloudinessprecipitation 2579°F61°F
Tue 6/1Mostly cloudyMostly cloudyprecipitation 2581°F66°F
Wed 6/2Clouds and sunshineClouds and sunshineprecipitation 2581°F63°F
Thu 6/3Cloudy with a little rainCloudy with a little rainprecipitation 5679°F63°F
Fri 6/4A little morning rainA little morning rainprecipitation 5877°F61°F
Sat 6/5Mostly sunnyMostly sunnyprecipitation 2077°F61°F
Sun 6/6RainRainprecipitation 7477°F63°F
Mon 6/7Partly sunnyPartly sunnyprecipitation 2579°F59°F
Tue 6/8Sunshine and some cloudsSunshine and some cloudsprecipitation 2077°F61°F
Wed 6/9Showers and thunderstormsShowers and thunderstormsprecipitation 7079°F61°F
Thu 6/10Plenty of sunshinePlenty of sunshineprecipitation 577°F61°F
Fri 6/11A t-storm in the afternoonA t-storm in the afternoonprecipitation 5584°F68°F
Sat 6/12Partly sunny and less humidPartly sunny and less humidprecipitation 086°F59°F

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