Delaware DE, Lewes Weather 10 Day

Lewes Weather 10 Day

Alert A break in the snow in 2 min...

Tue 1/26Cloudy with a little rainCloudy with a little rainprecipitation 6150°F39°F
Wed 1/27Rather cloudyRather cloudyprecipitation 246°F34°F
Thu 1/28Cloudy, windy and colderCloudy, windy and colderprecipitation 2539°F45°F
Fri 1/29Partly sunny, breezy and coldPartly sunny, breezy and coldprecipitation 034°F46°F
Sat 1/30Plenty of sunshine, but coldPlenty of sunshine, but coldprecipitation 036°F41°F
Sun 1/31Cloudy and milderCloudy and milderprecipitation 2550°F36°F
Mon 2/1A couple of showers possibleA couple of showers possibleprecipitation 3046°F34°F
Tue 2/2Partly sunnyPartly sunnyprecipitation 745°F36°F
Wed 2/3Plenty of sunshinePlenty of sunshineprecipitation 046°F36°F

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