District of Columbia DC, Congressional Cemetery Weather 10 Day

Congressional Cemetery Weather 10 Day

Mon 1/18Breezy; a morning showerBreezy; a morning showerprecipitation 4748°F32°F
Tue 1/19Partly sunnyPartly sunnyprecipitation 2548°F32°F
Wed 1/20Partly sunnyPartly sunnyprecipitation 043°F32°F
Thu 1/21Clouds and sunClouds and sunprecipitation 1152°F36°F
Fri 1/22Partly sunnyPartly sunnyprecipitation 648°F36°F
Sat 1/23Cooler with partial sunshineCooler with partial sunshineprecipitation 041°F37°F
Sun 1/24Clouds and sunClouds and sunprecipitation 739°F36°F
Mon 1/25Rain and snow possibleRain and snow possibleprecipitation 3543°F36°F
Tue 1/26Low cloudsLow cloudsprecipitation 2541°F37°F

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